Workshops | Monday, February 11

Attend workshops on Monday, February 11th to dive deep into key digital marketing topics.

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Driving Qualified Audiences Into the Funnel Using Rich Media and Distribution Networks | Sponsored by PR Newswire

Please note: This Monday morning workshop is open to All Access pass holders only.

Instructor: Sarah Skerik, VP of Social Media, PR Newswire


Innovative marketers are acquiring qualified audiences into their funnel by using socially-enabled, optimized platforms and distribution networks to drive awareness of their content. This session will provide actionable insights to attract leads, strengthen rich media content marketing and successfully maximize the converged digital media landscape to generate measurable results. Case studies and real-world examples from leading companies will be presented to show the ideas in action.

Attendees to this workshop will learn how to:
• Identify what content will resonate with audiences by applying the agile engagement framework
• Determine what makes rich media content "quality" and how quality content trumps
• Strengthen lead generation strategies through rich media distribution
• Broaden the use of landing pages to support content marketing call to actions

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM


Email Insider Creative Secrets: How to Craft Messages That Connect, Engage and Sell

Instructor: Karen Talavera, President, Synchronicity Marketing


Email marketing can be the lifeblood of your lead, sales and revenue generation, yet when you see opens, clicks or conversions dip it's frustrating. If your segmentation and offers are on target, it's time to take your creative up a notch.

What motivates people to respond to email in the first place and what keeps them engaged and loyal customers – and email list members – over time? Join Karen Talavera as she demystifies the psychology of email response and reveals the latest tech innovations, design approaches and response motivators working in email today. You'll see real-life examples and have the opportunity to submit your own creative renditions for live feedback as you learn how to apply the newest creative strategies to craft email that sells!

1) Understand the human psychology behind why people respond to marketing/advertising
2) Learn the top engagement-driving campaigns no email marketing program should be without
3) Discover the right creative approaches for producing short-term immediate engagement, and the ones that foster long-term loyalty and produce raving email fans
4) Learn the latest tech innovations and developments for creating more engaging, customized email messages and content
5) Have an opportunity to see and explore real-life examples of wildly-underused creative email designs and approaches to layout, content organization and successful rendering


How to Win at Search, Social & Content Marketing

Instructor: Arnie Kuenn, President, Vertical Measure


There's no doubt. Content is King online. Last year, businesses spent nearly $20 billion developing content for online marketing. Google rewards quality content and update frequency in its continuous algorithm updates. Mastering the art of content creation, promotion and distribution is an essential skill for business and marketing professionals. Join Arnie Kuenn to learn about content strategies, development and marketing in this workshop.

You will learn how to:
• Develop a content strategy
• Perform keyword and market research for content ideas
• Create create content
• Content optimization for search & social
• How to promote your content using social media and other methods
• Distribute your content through multiple channels
• Build links to your content
• Measure, rinse and repeat


Insider's Guide to Selecting the Right Digital Marketing Technology

Instructor: Tony Byrne, President, Real Story Group


Marketing practitioners multitask just about every minute of every day. There are ongoing email, web, mobile, and marketing strategies to organize, plan and execute. Each of these areas used to include a range of technologies that was purchased and implemented separately such as web content management, campaign management, analytics, digital asset management, and others. Now, there are new suites of tools that can manage all of these processes. But how do you select the right one that will help you to accomplish your marketing objectives? In this fast-paced workshop, Tony Byrne will walk you through the evaluation and selection process for digital marketing solutions. Specifically, the session will provide a methodology for mapping business needs to technology alternatives, as well as a roadmap for evaluating digital marketing technology vendors. Don't be surprised after-the-fact. Find out the real strengths and weaknesses of these tools before you purchase them.

3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


How to Develop a Conversion Optimization Strategy

Instructor: Chris Goward, Founder & CEO, WiderFunnel Marketing Optimization


You know you need to get more conversions from your website, but how? How do you know where to test, what to test and how to avoid conversion mistakes?

Join Chris Goward to learn how to build a strategy that drives large gains in business results. Use his 5-Step Strategy as a planning framework to dramatically improve your conversion rates and revenue. With practical examples, you'll find out where to focus, what to test and what not to do.


Marketing Alignment with Business Outcomes: Is Your Dashboard Good, Bad or Ugly?

Instructor: Laura Patterson, President, Vision Edge Marketing


More Marketing executives are implementing dashboards. But, per a recent survey*, the C-suite gives many marketers a "C" because the dashboards do not show relevant, actionable, data that provides a direct line-of-sight between marketing investments and activities and the business outcomes. Join Laura Patterson as she takes you through examples of good, bad, and ugly dashboards. She will also reveal what "A" marketers include in their dashboard and provide five key steps for creating the ultimate dashboard.

*The Path to Better Marketing Results: 2012 Marketing Performance Management Report - VisionEdge Marketing and Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA)


Strategies for Integrated Search and Social Advertising + Measuring Multi-channel Attribution

Instructor: Jamie Smith, CEO, Engine Ready, Inc.


In this workshop, you will learn about the four strategies that apply to all digital marketing so you can communicate better and measure ROI. You will also learn how to do competition and market research quickly so you can launch, manage and optimize PPC & social media campaigns. Join Jamie Smith as he shows you a clear path to using attribution models to better understand how touch points influence your audience across decision and purchasing cycles, how to determine accurate ROI and optimize your budgets.

This workshop will cover:
1) Four proven strategies for search & social
2) How to build a multi-channel attribution model that is specific to you
3) Competition killer strategy
4) PPC techniques that apply to social media advertising
5) How to use search marketing historical data for more profitable social ads and much more…

OMI Workshop | 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Develop Stand Out Social Marketing

Additional registration required to attend the OMI Workshop. Register at

Instructor: Mike Lewis, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Awareness, Inc


The next step in the social marketing revolution--proven tactics for standing out and drawing positive attention in the already overcrowded social web. This workshop will go beyond the basics of establishing a social presence to offering a set of strategies and tactics designed specifically to help a brand rise above existing noise on the social web. Through best practices, interactive activities and case studies at his workshop will provide a detailed methodology for differentiation on the social web.

You Will Learn:

  • The 6 keys to differentiating your presence on the social web
  • How to target and message the right prospects and customers, using 'Social Scoring & Prospecting', across social channels
  • Actionable tactics and strategies to rise above the noise immediately
  • Leveraging the right content to target the right people in the right place at the right time
  • Case studies and best practices from leading brands and thought leaders