Strategy Track

Marketers are always focused on strategy, but today's competitive and constantly changing landscape has made a nimble yet sophisticated strategy a cornerstone marketing success.

The Strategy track examines digital marketing in the context of how it is impacting and being impacted by business at-large. Topics covered include building for innovation, aligning internal and external digital strategies, cross-channel considerations, and closed-loop marketing. Register now to hear the latest marketing strategy tips and tricks at OMS.

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Conference Sessions

Level: Intermediate
Wednesday, February 13, 4:00pm - 4:45pm | Room 32A

Solving the Consumer Engagement Conundrum

Speaker: Sundeep Kapur, Evangelist, NCR

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Marketers seek consumers across multiple channels. They use tools like email, search, mobile, social, and traditional channels to connect. Many times these channels work alone; they alienate consumers, and sometimes even encourage our consumer to get channels to compete. Join Sundeep Kapur to learn from three diverse case studies, a multi-channel retailer, a financial institution, and an airline, and how these brands engaged with consumers leveraging all available channels to create a higher level of engagement.

Level: Intermediate
Tuesday, February 12, 9:00am - 9:45am | Room 32A

10 Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Speaker: Neil Patel, Founder, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics

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This session is going to teach you what metrics you should be tracking to grow your revenue. Join Neil Patel to learn the difference between vanity metrics including, bounce rates, actionable metrics, and lifetime value of your customers, and how you can use those actionable metrics to boost your overall revenue. In addition, he will also show you how to take action on your current analytics reports.

Level: Intermediate
Wednesday, February 13, 3:00pm - 3:45pm | Room 32A

Visual Branding: The Trend from Text to Visual, and How it Impacts Your Brand

Speaker: Siouxsie Jennett, President, Mambo Media

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With the explosive growth of Pinterest and Instagram, we are seeing a significant paradigm shift from text to visual in social and digital media. According to Shareaholic, photo and video posts on Pinterest are referring more traffic than Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Google combined. As marketers, how are you leveraging this unique opportunity, and what does your "visual brand" communicate about your company? Join Siouxsie Jennett for an analysis of how top companies are leveraging visual channels to captivate audiences in a new and different way. This session will look at cutting-edge technologies that help you capture and present the vast amount of user-generated content that helps support your brand, and recommend curation and moderation best practices.

Level: Introductory
Tuesday, February 12, 9;00am - 9:45am | Room 29B

How Performance Marketing Fits into Your Marketing Mix

Speaker: Sarah Bundy, CEO, All Inclusive Marketing

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Performance Marketing, also known as Affiliate Marketing, is growing at an exponential rate. But how do performance marketers influence your business? What impact do they have on your overall marketing mix and how do they work with other marketing channels such as search, social, email and mobile? Join Sarah Bundy to learn about strategies for an effective affiliate marketing program and how you can use it as a strong and legitimate marketing strategy to growing your online sales, presence and profitability.

Level: Intermediate
Tuesday, February 12, 3:00pm - 3:45pm | Room 31B

How Does Online Marketing

Speaker: Lauren Vaccarello, Sr. Director of Online Marketing,

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In today's social, mobile, and open world, it's critical to tie your website to everything you do, a practice that builds both brand and pipeline. At, maximizing their website involves trying lots of ideas, conducting short tests, and analyzing data to make smart business decisions. Join Lauren Vaccarello to learn what they measure, why, and how, plus some best practices they've learned along the way.

Level: Advanced
Wednesday, February 13, 2:00pm - 2:45pm | Room 32A

Multi-Channel Attribution Strategy and Considerations

Speaker: Greg Shepard, CEO, AffiliateTraction

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Corporate market objectives and budgets must guide the structure of any affiliate program, and today there is more pressure on affiliate managers to deal with issues like cross channel attribution, multiple touch-points, return-on-ad spend, new versus returning customers and tag management. Join Greg Shepard to learn how to align your program with real directives as we explore the questions affiliate managers face with these issues. This session will also provide affiliate managers with the necessary arguments, questions, and tools to align affiliate campaigns, multi-channel tracking, and strategic objectives into a comprehensive strategy.