San Diego 2012 Speaker List

Heather Lutze

CEO & Founder, Findability Group & Author, Thumbonomics

Heather is a nationally recognized speaker, trainer and consultant in search engine placement, Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing.

Heather Lutze's speaking engagements are conducted in the same irreverent style of her book The Findability Formula -- delivering equal parts good information and good entertainment to audiences nationwide. Yahoo! Search Marketing trusted her to train their advertisers for more than two years, and she is currently a lead presenter at the Pay Per Click Summit nationwide.

Heather is a sought after consultant who has owned Findability Group for the past ten years. She is also a Senior Editor for the Search Engine Marketing Journal (SEMJ) and a columnist for Website Magazine.


  Thumbonomics: Social Networks are Search Engines Too!